Our vision, which is outlined on the welcome page,  is at the heart of our church's life. It has evolved over several years through much prayer and discussion. Our strapline describes the core of our vision as being like the two phases of a heartbeat. We are rooted in Christ, drawing our spiritual life from the source of all life. And then we reach out into the wonderful world that God has created, in love and service. We then go on to expand our vision in three strands, which are related to the three persons of the Triune God.

Increasing Our Faith - Going deeper with God

We start our journey of faith at many different places, but if there is a starting point it is this: we meet the living God, the seed of faith germinates, and we begin a lifetime’s journey into the mystery of his love.

Our faith grows primarily through worship, through prayer, through studying and reflecting on the Bible, and through learning to be a follower of Jesus in daily life. We want St Mary’s to be a place where people are helped with all of this. We want our worship to be lively and Spirit-filled, whether it is traditional or modern, formal or informal (we do all styles). We want to help people learn how to pray so that they can nourish the sacred centre of their lives. Our preaching is thoughtful and Biblically based, and our home groups provide a place where people can study together. We want to help people grow in spiritual depth so that we can face the trials of life and become lifetime followers of Jesus.

Creating a Vibrant Christian Community - Centred on Jesus

In our atomised and rootless Western society, there is something very attractive about a real community. St. Mary’s is at the centre of our village of Datchet, and we want to offer the same sense of belonging and mutual care that was so appealing about the early church. We want St. Mary’s to be a place of hospitality, where people feel at home. As part of the worldwide Christian church, Jesus is at the centre of our life together.

Making a difference

It's no good having a vision which remains a castle in the air. So we went on to produce a detailed Mission Action Plan (MAP) which we hope with God's strength will help us to make our vision a reality. You can read all about it here.